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What You Should Know About Exterior Cleaning

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Power washing is a necessity for every home. One of the exterior areas of your home where this method of cleaning is necessary is the deck. You can clean decks some other way, like using detergents, bleaches, or chemical cleaners but none of them can create results as good as power washing.

If you want to try power washing, there are service providers who can do the job for you. Simply find companies that specialize in exterior cleaning near you. Chances are they also offer power washing services. It’s important that you talk to the service providers first so they’ll know what exact method to use to clean your home without damaging it.

Power Washing Techniques

Professional power washing services are provided by experts who know the right techniques in cleaning surfaces. You’ll never see them damaging your wood or concrete surfaces at all. This is because they will start cleaning at the lowest possible pressure and see if it does the job. Be careful in choosing the setting when using power washing machines because the water pressure can get too high it can damage the surface of the wood.

It is highly recommended that you start at the lowest setting, which is around 600 psi. You can simply switch to the higher settings if needed. You want to clean the surface without damaging it. Finding the right setting usually requires trial and error as the strength of wood is the same.

Cleaning Using a Power Washer

There are power washers that you can rent from stores and use them to clean the exterior surfaces of your home by yourself. Power washers are helpful tools when used properly. Here are tips that can help you achieve that.

1. Start cleaning the upper part of the deck.

When you clean surfaces using a power washer, start from the top then go down. Use sweeping motions to spray jets of water to the deck. Maintain a consistent distance from the surface and keep your arm from pivoting. That’s how you get an even clean.

2. From the inside moving outward.

Clean the inner part of your exteriors before going out. This gives a better result, mostly because you’re getting the hang of cleaning as you go along. This way, you’re also preventing some major damage.

3. Use the feathering technique.

The feathering technique suggests that the areas that you’re beginning to clean and the areas that you’ve finished cleaning should overlap. This technique prevents visible marks being left behind. These marks are also referred to as cleaning edges and hot spots.

4. Allow some time for the surface to dry.

Don’t use the surfaces that you cleaned just yet. Let it dry for at least 24 hours before using it again. You want to be sure that everything is perfect before you use the deck or patio again. It may need a second round of cleaning and you won’t know that unless you’ve seen how the entire surface looks when dry. Pay special attention to the edges and corners that may not be reached by the power washer.

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