Pests That Can Ruin Your Lawn  

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Having perfect lawn gives your home a wonderful look, plus it upgrades the value of your home. When taking care of your lawn, you already know the basics, like watering them and cutting weed off. The landscapers and lawn care Richmond VA experts near you can certainly help you with your needs to take care of your lawn, however you should be ready to take care of the pests as well.  


Grass in your lawn may look untouchable, but they are prone to pests too. Pests can ruin your lawn and if you do not identify them as soon as possible, they might destroy it in no time. Pests also attract other animals and insects that see them as treats, and worse there are pests that could bring health problems, so here are the lawn pests that you should look out for:  

1) ANTS  

Ants are not really pests; they are part of the ecosystem, but they can be a nuisance especially fire ants. If you have kids around or you have allergic reaction to ant bites, it is best you take care of them. Ants are visible and easy to see on your lawn, you can buy lawn care products to keep them away.  


From the name itself, they come in groups. They are small, about 1 ½ inches long and feeds mainly on grass. Armyworms can leave patches of brown grass after they have consumed it and this is not a good few for your lawn. Look out for brown patches and get rid of those armyworms ASAP.  


Lawn grubs eat off the grass roots thus they result to dead grass on your lawn, leaving them brown and lifeless. Aside from the fact that they come under your lawn feeding off the grass roots, they can attract other animals like moles and skunks.  


When you have pests that lives in your lawn, burrowing and digging mammals will come too. The insect pest that lives under your lawn are treats for skunks, moles, squirrels and more. They can damage your lawn with all the digging they can do to get that treat.  

5) FLEAS  

fleas do not exactly feed off your grass, but they are a threat to you and your pets. Fleas also carry disease, and a bite can cause serious health problems. They can be really small so try to use some precaution if you notice that your dog has fleas, they might have gotten in on your lawn.


They do not exactly damage your lawn but if your lawn is left untrimmed and keeps moisture, it can attract mosquitoes. Mosquitoes have itchy bites and also, they carry deadly diseases so it is best to keep them off your lawn too.  

7) TICKS  

Ticks are parasites, and they suck off the blood of their host commonly your pet dogs. And if you accidentally get bitten by ticks, you could catch Lyme disease. Your lawn can be home to ticks, though they do not damage your lawn but they can bite into you. Have your lawn cut regularly to avoid ticks living on them.  

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