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Signs you need Foundation Repair  

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Our house should be place of comfort and predictability. If something unpredictable or equally risking the comfort of your home. You can’t help but feel antsy and uncomfortable about it. This is one of the rationale why one needs to use only the highest material you can afford to have a house that would stand the test of time.  

Foundation Repair

However, despite only using the highest material or the methods that will not fail any contractor this could still all go away if by some unforeseen incident the foundation of the construction project is not set. You will not notice the signs almost immediately but surely in time you will know what it is. Good thing that there are many foundation repair contractor out there willing to help you get the balance and safety of a sturdy house.  

You will learn some of the signs that proves you need a foundation repair contractor to look into the foundation of your home before any disaster commence, either natural or man- made. 

Fissure, fracture or split   

Perhaps this will be the first thing that you will notice in your house. There wills be cracks on the walls, the tile, the floor, the ceiling and the slabs. If you notice this cracks most likely hardly noticeable but as the earth shift so does the size of those cracks. If you wait for it long enough you’ll see the fissures, fractures and split left in its wake. This will be even dangerous to earthquake prone area as this cracks will be susceptible to the obvious shaking on the ground.  


The windows and doors would have a misalignment’s to its frame or the floor itself. Meaning it will be harder to open or close a door. You can’t open it up all the while and same goes for the windows in the house. It might not be something you will pay mind into but it will become a nuisance soon enough.  

Water Stains  

There would most likely be water stains as shifty foundation can often damage the pipes or even spaces to it that would allow water to seep to it. If you find this in your home, its either your house has a problem with piping or a problem with the foundation. Unless you get that fix the problem will only fester and you’ll find yourself in deeper trouble then.  

Sloping and Uneven Floors  

Your floors can be uneven it is not nearly as noticeable however, it will more likely show soon. This happen when there are soils that shift because it was too loose or that it crumbled that it left a hollow to it allowing soil to shift. There could also be water that seeped to it making the compaction of the soil weak and many other reasons.  

If you notice any of this alarming signs in your house. Call the foundation repair contractors and set an appointment for a visit either to confirm your suspicion or scope the work that needs to be done in the patch of land. 

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