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Cars are not perfect. They have their own weaknesses and strengths. Your own vehicles could undergo some problems when you use it too much or when you are on a very delicate kind of road when you travel. It is important that you have enough skills and knowledge on fixing your own car’s tire. It is a good idea that before you go to a place or for a very long driving travel, make sure that you are ready for the any chances that there will be a flat tire incident especially if the place or the road is full of rocks and stones or else you will get your phone and dial towing services Aurora. It is not enough that you have the basic idea about fixing the tire. You also need to have a spare tire ready. In this way, it would be very easy for your to do the things and be able to change the tire quicker. Be prepared as well of the tools in your car’s junk.  


When you are trying to fix the tire, the very first step that you should do is to find the sport where it leaks. If there is a nearest vulcanizing shop or even a car service repair shop. It is lucky for you to have their service to help you. You can try to put air to the tire and try to observe any spot or area where the air pressure is coming out. Make sure the you have to inspect it carefully and keenly. You need to check if there are any sharp stuff, or maybe holes there caused by rocks or sharp edges of the stones. If you are not very sure of it, then you can listen to the tire if there is any hissing sound that you can hear from there. Hissing sound is the sound produces by a tire which have the leak. The air is coming out forcedly from the tire as pressure becomes too much. You can put your hands to the tire as well to feel any releasing air pressure from it.  

If this is not your cup of tea to check the leak. Then, try another way by mixing a bit of soap to the water in a container. Spray the mixed stuff to the surface of the tire. If you see any bubbles or bubbling part, you are lucky because that is the area or spot where you are looking for.  

You can use a commercially available product that can help you to patch the air coming out from the tire because of the sharp objects or holes. You have to read and follow the instructions as not properly using it may cause damage to your car.  

If you have seen a nail or a thumbtack stuck there, get it by pulling it out. And put the product that you bought for circumstances like this. You need to rotate your car as well to check everything. And now, that is the time that you are read to replace it with the extra tire you have.  

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